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Back to Work Like a Boss

So it seems that the 2016 working year is well underway and January seems to have come and gone faster than you can say “Of course Serena will win the Open!”.

They say that you should act like a leader before you are one.  For us in the fashion world, this extends to dressing like you already have a seat at the boardroom table.  And why shouldn’t you?  A recent study in the UK revealed that managers favour staff with a similar style.  

So here’s some hot tips on dressing for the job you want, not the one you have:

1.  Fit is forever

Finding a well-fitted suit is key to looking the part.  You don’t want to look like you went to your dad’s wardrobe and pulled out one of his brown-checkered suits from the 90s and simply wrapped a belt around it to cinch it in at the waistline!  

A suit jacket needs to fit you across the shoulders and at the same time tailor in at the waist to give you a feminine shape.  We recommend a peplum jacket or a shorter blazer if you aren’t a confident shopper because they are usually tailored to accentuate a woman’s body.  

2. Make a statement  

A must in any boss woman outfit is a statement piece.  

Choose one item to be your signature statement piece or mix it up from outfit to outfit.  Whether it’s a statement pencil skirt or blazer or some killer heels, make sure it stands out and says “This is me!”.  

When you look at the movers and shakers high up in the corporate world, most have a few statement pieces that they use to set them apart.  

For this hot tip, we look to style icon Julie Bishop who, with her signature Brooches, always has something to say and isn’t afraid to stand up and stand out.  It is with her statement brooches that she conveys through fashion who she is as a person and it’s what sets her apart from the rest.  

3. Colour confidence  

Don’t be afraid of a little colour in your life!  Leaders don’t blend in, they stand out.  

Be the pop of pink in a sea of grey by pairing a hot pink pencil skirt with a black blazer and blouse.  If pink isn’t really your thing, find a vibrant blue blouse that you can pair with a navy suit to bring out your inner confidence.

Embrace colour in your clothes or accessories (bags and shoes) and don’t be afraid to be noticed.  That’s what its all about, after all.  

4. Keep it real

Make sure whatever outfit you go with for the office, you remain true to who you are.  Your clothing should have a personality too, so that your employer knows who you are before you even open your mouth and wow them with your wit!

If you’re not sure what your fashion personality is exactly, sit down and think about a few things that you like.  Do you like prints?  Floral or stripes?  What colours suit you?  Are you a dress woman or do you prefer to wear (the) pants? 

These few key points will help you find your fashion personality and distinguish who you are in the office.

5.  Strut in style  

Above all, the golden rule to dressing like a boss is to wear it with confidence.  Dressing well is more about how the clothing makes YOU feel than how you look in the mirror. If you feel like a boss, others will have no choice than to recognise it.  So there you have it, promotions starting with fashion backed by research. Who would have thought it was as easy as going shopping?!

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