Spring/Summer Office Wardrobe Trends!

Spring/Summer Office Wardrobe Trends

The sun is out which automatically calls for a bright and lighter wardrobe, especially working longs days in the office.

Colours to try this season are soft tones such a pastels, which lighten up a look without being too dramatic. Also try more vibrant tones of watermelons and deep blues as they work well as statement pieces for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. 

Fabrics that are essential to stick to when experiencing an Australian Summer are silks and cotton blends. They are light and breathable on the body and are flexible making them comfortable to wear all day. 

This season popular trend has proven to be 7/8 pants and above the knee dresses. Lengths that allow for air and movability so you don’t feel so cramped and restricted in the hot weather. A perfect 7/8 pant still looks professional for the office yet is casual and comfortable. Paired with the perfect pump, these pants make the legs look longer and give your legs the illusion that they are as tiny as your ankles the whole way up! 

Keep these tips and trends in mind when shopping for a new office wardrobe this season.