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Head to Toe: Taking your look to the next level

Head to Toe: Taking your look to the next level

The contribution of accessories to the making of a great outfit is more significant than you may think. Clothing and accessories work together to create the perfect outfit to express your style, who you are and what you’re out to achieve. 

A great shoe can define the aesthetic of an ensemble, be matched with multiple outfits to create different looks, and provide a sense of practicality to suit particular occasions and environments. The style of shoe you choose on any day will determine the comfort of your daily transit, or the level of sass behind your office power strut – the importance of which is known to any working girl! 

As Marilyn Monroe famously said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world”. We’ve determined the four types of shoes essential to your work wardrobe, to not only add style and comfy chic to your office outfits, but to boost your confidence to match that of Marilyn herself.

1. The commuter flat

The perfect Flats for your work wardrobe will be a mixture of two things essential to any design: aesthetic and function. Recognised as an iconic transit shoe for most corporate women, the Flat really is a fundamental addition to your shoe collection. Unless you want to be picking out a pair of Nike runners to match your new pencil skirt, the Flat can provide the same amount of comfort, just with a little more style and a little more chic. No one can make it from home to work in heels – and if you can, I sincerely applaud you! The right pair of Flats will give your feet the much-needed rest it deserves, and add to the professionalism and elegance of your outfit.

2. The block heel

To mimic style icon Victoria Beckham’s attitude “I can’t concentrate in flats”, we suggest (plead) that once you reach your office desk for the day, ditch those flats and slide on a pair of block-heeled pumps. This shoe is the perfect compromise for adding a bit of height and style to your outfit, as well as an essence of ‘competence’ and ‘capability’ to match that of the flat. If you’re sitting here thinking ‘BORING’ take a look at these nude pumps from ASOS with a jewelled heel that adds a little glitz and glam to the outfit whilst keeping it cool and classy in the front.

3. The strut stiletto

Some situations call for the abandonment of comfort and the following in the arched footsteps of Carrie Bradshaw herself. Whether it be for an important presentation where you might appreciate not only the boost in height but the boost in ego, or an interview at a high-end magazine with an editor rumoured to be a double of Ms. Anna Wintour herself, the stiletto is suitable for this and more. The perfect pair of stilettos for your work wardrobe has the closed, pointed toe that professionalism calls for, the chic curve, and the heel so high they’ll command a promotion! Just be sure to keep your favourite pair of flats in your handbag for later in the day when comfort calls.

4. Lace-up heel

The lace-up heel takes you from the office to after-work drinks or corporate events in a heartbeat. The lace-up detailing is the kind of stunning feature that will spice up your workday outfit to make it appropriate in stepping out to Blackbird for a cocktail or two. Heels such as these delicate lace-ups found on Misguided are on trend at the moment and are sure to have you turning heads as you leave the office for the day.


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