The Fashionable Briefcase


The 400 Co. Brief Case isn't your typical business briefcase; it is a tailor made online fitting for every type of working woman.


The Briefcase has put together a series of questions best to figure out your style, appearance and day to day working needs.

Therefore, if you've described yourself as a curvy woman, who best sees herself wearing loose fitting floral dresses, the 400 Co. will select a range of options best suited for you.


If you describe yourself as a young, trendy, corporate lady, who only enjoys wearing pencil skirts and black or white blouses, the 400 Co. will have options for you.


The 400 Co. is about designing quality business wear that is as-well corporate yet trendy and fashionable. It breaks down the trend that business wear can only be black skirts and suited jackets.


It allows women to still feel like women in the workplace, with flattering modest fits, colours and prints. It provides a brighter wardrobe for the corporate everyday lady, to go from work to cocktails with the girls.