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Challenging the traditional business wardrobe

Looking around your office day after day, all you see is a wash of dull and lifeless blacks and greys. It’s almost as if it were a uniform of suits, ties, blazers, plain shirts and daggy black pants that your boss encourages everyone to begrudgingly wear. If you have been feeling as though you are just another office machine, blending in with all the other robots, then perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to the boring, repetitive outfit regime and start being the new office trend setter!

Be bold

How do you get started with changing things up you say? Why not start by investing in a well-fitting suit, though this time in a bold, adventurous colour or a clean, bright white. Or why not try a suit with a little flare such as peplum or more structured shoulders for something unique. Try teaming your suits with tops in some bold prints such a pretty summer floral, or even a more daring animal print.

Don’t be afraid to play with textured fabrics as well, such as a blouse made from a luxuriously silky satin, or add bit of subtle sparkle to your day with an eye catching piece made from a fabric with a sheen to it.

Dress to impress

Dresses don’t just have to be for the weekend either. Try finding a dress that is a perfect balance between appropriate day wear and something that you would feel comfortable wearing to an after-hours function. It’s easy to make a statement and play up colours and textures whilst sticking to appropriate necklines and skirt lengths - you just need to be a little creative.

Add a dash of bling

Another way to start subtly standing out is to add some great accessories. You don’t need to overdo it and go crazy, just pick one eye catching piece to team with your outfit each day and voila – all eyes on you! Accessories always add remarkable detail and can even give definition to your look, such as a thick cinching belt that shows off that waistline you’ve slaved away at the gym for.

Walk the talk

If you are a shoes girl, why let the weekends be the only time to show off you’re collection? Just because you work in an office, doesn’t mean you are required to religiously wear that pair of ‘plain jane’ ballet flats, day in and day out. Ankle strap, peep toe, platform and bold colours can all easily sneak their way into your work day repertoire.

With these tips for challenging the traditional business wardrobe, it’s time to take a stand and say no to being a just another link in the chain. If you are more open to let your personality shine through in the way you dress while remaining professional, you’ll be able to take on each day in the office with confidence. 


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