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How to dress to impress on a budget

Look expensive on a budget

Creating a 5 day working week corporate wardrobe isn’t cheap, having to look sharp and professional day in and out requires expensive items of clothing.

Though a way to keep the wardrobe exciting requires a mix of expensive garments and some low budget items too, its about finding a balance. 400co recommends you lash out on some pieces to give that sharp expensive look to your outfits, though fill the rest of the look with a more basic items. 

Step 1: Find the blazer

Having the perfect black blazer is always the business wardrobe go to, therefore spending a large amount of money to get the perfect fit, shape and style is worth it as you’ll get your moneys worth.

You’d want a full length blazer that still flatters a woman’s curve by hitching in at the waist. This way it will be the perfect go over for dresses, blouses to pair with pencil skits and pant suits. Having a pricey blazer allows room for the rest of the budget to go towards cheaper priced basic blouses and shirts. You will always get more wear out of a good blazer or jacket than you would blouse of shirt, as blazers are seasonal, timeless pieces that you can wear multiple times a week.

Step 2: Find the skirt

A black straight structured pencil skirt is always a necessity for the professional working women’s wardrobe. Lashing out a bit of extra money for this item will be worth it, as the pencil skirt is always on trend all year round. Therefore having that one skirt that fits great with high quality material will give that professional look and be worn multiple times a week and even for after work occasions.

Step 3: Find the shoe

Finding the perfect shoe always proves to be the most difficult, though budget wise its essential to spend extra on the shoe. You want comfort working long days and busy weeks, though you also want style to show your a fashionable working woman. Therefore aim to find a black pump as they go with everything in the office and after hours wardrobe. A pump pairs easier than a heel with straps of even open toe, as its better fitted with a full length pant. A pump also adds length to your body and doesn’t draw attention to your feet as much as a open toe strap heel would do, keeps it professional. You will get you moneys worth and you feet will thank you.

These three items of clothing are the essentials and will be the attention grabbers, therefore you want to go the extra mile and find ones that are comfortable and fit perfectly not worrying about price as you will guarantee get your moneys worth


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