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Love your body

Love your body

Working in retail and particularly now that we have a store at 188 Edward Street in the heart of Brisbane CBD, we see customers everyday stare down their shape and insecurities in the daunting mirror. They pick apart their bodies and all the things they wish they could change or fix in order for the clothing to sit or look better.

Some women pick apart their hips for being too big or their legs, some not loving their shoulders or knees. Though you are your own worst critique, you know your body better than anyone else, which is fair enough as you see it everyday! 

Take it from us as an independent observer, what you don’t love about yourself someone admires you for. Hearing women say ‘no way, my ass looks too big in this’, and personally thinking, I have no idea what you’re talking about because I think you look great. 

It’s true when they say you see yourself differently from how others see you. Therefore, try and be less harsh on yourself, especially when shopping, love yourself. Speak to yourself how you would speak to others. You wouldn’t tell your friend don’t buy that dress, your legs are too big. Therefore don’t say it to yourself as you are starring in the mirror. 

Love your body, embrace your flaws.  You are the only version of you in the world and you are unique. In a world where everyone is striving for perfection, life is more fun and enjoyable if you just try and be the best version of you.


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